Unlocking the keys to continuous innovation: Takeaways from the Oracle Cloud SCM Virtual Summit

Supply chain management is one big concern for businesses across the globe. Fortunately, the tech biggies like Oracle have been addressing the concern through technology-led solutions and trends. At the recent Oracle Cloud SCM Virtual Summit, the experts acknowledged the growing SCM challenges, especially when the world is getting out of the pandemic phase. 

Organisations of all sizes need to rethink and restructure how they manage supply chains to not just serve their existing markets, but also extend their limits to the new ones. It should include everything from extensive deployment of Oracle’s cloud-based SCM to more investments in Oracle Supply chain management training. 

Continuous Updates

The biggest advantage of Oracle cloud applications is its flexibility. It can be easily configured to meet the requirements of an organisation. It can also be modified to accommodate constant innovation and keep pace with changes in the business environment. As Oracle continues to reimagine new ways of doing business and adding efficiency to operations, Oracle Cloud SCM certification is helping professionals to build new capacities. 

Oracle maintains a strong connection with customers and takes regular feedback on applications. Based on their observations and experiences, various product enhancements and upgrades are planned. It, therefore, helps to create products that are extremely useful for organisations. 

Power of Sustainability

The idea of running sustainable businesses now runs deep in organisational values. Every company is looking to inculcate methods that drive sustainability across its operations. With regard to the supply chain, it is important to take note of procurement and packaging policies. If companies undertake measures that reduce their carbon footprint, minimise energy consumption and reduce waste at the end of the product lifecycle, sustainability measures can be effectively practised.

Oracle strives to embed sustainability in all its operations and is exploring ways to incorporate sustainability endeavours into its products. It is also believed that Oracle supply chain management training will play a crucial role in supporting the sustainability drive. 

Smarter Manufacturing

Manufacturing techniques are evolving at a rapid pace and Oracle is playing its part in incorporating innovative ideas in every aspect of organisational operation. With the help of Cloud technology, it is also supporting smart manufacturing facilities. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics Automation, Oracle’s manufacturing solutions are smarter than ever before.

Oracle’s IoT Applications enable smarter production and asset monitoring. It not only helps to predict machine failures but, also empowers companies to schedule timely maintenance, gather insight, avoid expensive downtimes and readjust production schedules. Large as well as small enterprises are faced with immense competition and it has, therefore, become necessary to proceed towards smarter manufacturing facilities that can offer seamless support to supply chain management. 


To benefit from Oracle’s Supply Chain Management products, companies need to hire professionals with Oracle Cloud SCM certification. It ensures seamless operation and efficient utilisation of resources across the organisational vertical.  

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Our structured training, assessment, and practice support will help you or your company employees to become industry-ready within 60 hours of training.
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