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    Batch 46 SCM Student Reviews

    The Trainer Vijay has very good knowledge and made moving from one module to next seamlessly.Has a lot of patience answered all our questions with good explanations and examples.
    Conducted Assessments and reviewed the results.
    Making the over all experience very satisfying,enriching and lot of value add.

    Sanjay T

    I recently completed my SCM cloud Training from cloudshine (Vijay.J) & I am fully satisfied with the kind of training provided. It proved to be a value added for my professional goals. I really appreciate the way Vijay elucidated the concepts with full clarity, and he was very helpful with doubts and explanations.

    I highly recommend cloudshine.

    B.S Walia

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      Call +91-8908 123 123 (IND) / +971-509 303 123 (UAE) if you want to talk to us right now.

      Get certified on the world’s most widely-used Oracle products. Build proficiency that increases your productivity boosts your career and enhances your earning potential.

      Oracle Fusion Training and Instance Access

      Oracle Fusion is a part of the software applications developed by Oracle. It is a digital business platform for enterprises. Since the cost for licensing of this software is high, itis mostly used by medium to large-sized businesses.Oracle Fusion enables enterprises to run intelligent business applications that increase their efficiency by utilizing innovative hardware and software architectures.

      Oracle Fusion training by CloudShine imparts the necessary to implement and configureOracle Fusion applications. It guides you about the planning and implementation of the various Oracle Fusion offerings. Oracle Fusion training at CloudShine covers different offeringsincludingSupply chain management (SCM), Financials (FIN), Human Capital Management (HCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and much more.Our training includes Real-time project-based business use cases and the way they can be achieved in the latest Fusion applications.

      About CloudShine

      CloudShine is one of India’s best Oracle Fusion training and consulting companies that give professional training in Fusion applications. We have competent and experienced trainers to provide effective training for individuals and technical teams to improve adoption and maximize their Oracle enterprise systems investments. With our comprehensive and innovative approach, we provide both theoretical as well as practical training that enables you to deploy Oracle Fusion services in the real world.

      Our Key Features

      • Highly Experienced Professional Trainers
      • Instructor-Led and Self-paced Training Options
      • Real-time projects and case studiesbased assignments included in the curriculum
      • 1 Yearunlimited access to course videos
      • Flexible learning from any device, anywhere and anytime
      • Job Support and Direct referrals to MNC companies

      Courses Offered

      Some of our popular courses are Oracle Fusion Financials Training, Oracle Fusion HCM Training, Oracle Fusion Integration Cloud Services Training, Oracle Fusion Manufacturing Training, Oracle Fusion Order Management Training, Oracle Fusion Procurement Training, Oracle Fusion Product Management Training and Oracle Fusion SCM Training.

      Oracle Fusion training helps enterprises to improve their efficiency and work in a better way. To master all the skills of Oracle Fusion applications, CloudShine will be your best bet.We don’t just focus on teaching, our primary goal is your learning with utmost satisfaction.

      While focusing on your satisfaction, we also realizethat the needs may differof taking up Oracle cloud training in Bangalore, that’s why we, at CloudShineoffer you a wide variety of courses. These structured courses are specifically tailored keeping in mind the requirements of our students.Our trainingprogram at CloudShine is designed on par with Oracle University Course. By joining this course, you will be able to increase your business agility, standardize business procedures and become a precious asset for your enterprise.

      At Cloudshine, we have offered corporate training for more than 50+ organizations and given training for more than 500 consultants. We have structured training and offer practice support to help you or your company employees become industry ready within 60 hours of training. Contact us @ +918908123123 (or WhatsApp) or write to inquiry@cloudshinepro.com.Our team will get back to you with every detailed piece of information regarding your enquiry for the training.

      Oracle Fusion Applications Cloud Training

      So, to experience one of the best Oracle Fusion training Bangalore, you can get in touch with us at CloudShine. We are one of the well-known consultants where you get to learn the basics of Fusion application. Our systematic approach has helped us attract a good number of students in Oracle Cloud training in Hyderabad. The students out there thoroughly enjoyed the course and reaped the full benefit.

      Some of our popular courses are Oracle Fusion Finance Training, Oracle Fusion HCM Training, Oracle Fusion Integrated Cloud Service Training, Oracle Fusion Manufacturing Training, Oracle Fusion Order Management Training, Oracle Fusion Procurement Training, Oracle Fusion Product Management Training and Oracle Fusion SCM Training.

      So, contact us today by filling in your Name, email-id, Phone Number, Course you want to enroll along with any special request and send it across to us. Our team will get back to you with every detailed piece of information you are looking for.

      Developed using the most advanced and latest technologies of Oracle, Oracle Fusion Applications are a new and most innovative way of how businesses work these days. It helps enterprises to improve their efficiency and work in an better manner. To master the skills of Oracle, Cloudshine is an ultimate stop for you.

      We provide you one of the best ways to enhance your skills through our Oracle Apps Training. Our advanced Oracle fusion training gives you deep insights into the functioning of Oracle Fusion technology.

      We provide certification training with 6 months of unlimited access to our course videos that teach you about the implementation and the planning of the applications. We understand every individual has his/her own pace of learning. To facilitate your learning process, even more, we offer self-paced Oracle fusion applications training.

      At this Oracle Fusion apps training, our motive is not one-way. We don’t just focus on teaching, our primary concentration is always your learning with utmost satisfaction. Hence, we offer demo cloud training in Bangalore to all our users, so that you get to decide if you want to enjoy learning the techniques and skills of a professional with us or not.

      While we focus on your satisfaction the most, we realise your requirements and needs of taking up cloud training in Bangalore might differ, which is why we, at Cloudshine, offer you a wide variety of courses. These structured courses are specifically designed keeping in mind the requirements of our students.

      Our Corporate clients

      Frequently Asked Questions

      The purpose of the Oracle fusion technical consultant is to develop, customize, maintain and support technical tasks in the Oracle cloud as per the requirement of the businesses. The consultant is part of the application IT technical team and should be responsible to understand & analyze the business problems in the context of the Oracle fusion application. And also, recommend solutions based on Oracle EBS or Fusion Architecture. The other roles and responsibilities include-

      • The technical tasks of the consultant include BI Publisher Reports or Integrations, Approval workflows, fast formulas and HCM Extracts. 
      • Responsible for designing and developing Integration and extension solutions involving Oracle cloud across Finance, service modules and SCM. 
      • Creating appropriate documentation such as detailed analysis, business requirements, technical guides and much more. 
      • Managing existing client technical solutions and resolving any issues or enhancements that may encounter. 
      • Developing test plans to verify the logic on new code as well as on modified code. 
      • To be the onsite technical lead and coordinate with the offshore team to complete project deliverables. 
      • Sometimes a technical assistant works with the sales team for the pre-sales engagement process of clients and provides technical estimates of the projects. 
      • Preparing and delivering technical workshops and coordinating with Business stakeholders for collecting the requirements and for business mapping. 
      • He is proficient to deal with the overall Oracle fusion modules such as HCM, SCM, manufacturing and other tools used for fusion applications.

      If you are interested in pursuing your career as Oracle Fusion Technical Consultant, then get access to the best pieces of training from Cloud Shine. We have industry experience of instructors of more than 10 years and deliver certification based training support. Have a look at our Courses section and book the free demo session to meet your right trainers of Oracle Fusion Cloud experts.

      Finding the job oriented oracle fusion online training institutes crafted by the experts from the assortment of choices is a challenging task for students and professionals. Here are some tips and tricks to follow for selecting the right online training institute for Oracle Fusion courses.

      • Check Ratings and Reviews Online- 

      You have to check ratings and honest customer testimonials of the institute and also their experience in teaching the courses. Furthermore, the faculty members should be experienced and initiate to visit their center to get a clear picture of trainers. 

      • Get in touch with Alumni-

      By talking to alumni, you’ll get a better and broader understanding of the courses provided by the institute. 

      • Course fees

      Many institutes might provide world-class facilities at a very high cost while some might provide below average training at a very lower fee. Do not compromise on prices because you might end up with worthless certifications. So, it's better to enquire about multiple institute course fees to get the median range. 

      • Inspect Course Syllabus

      You can use Google or other websites to know the recent syllabus or topics that should be covered in your Oracle Fusion courses. Check whether the important topics are being covered or not, otherwise, you might end up wasting your time and money as well. 

      • Job & Career Opportunities

      Enroll in an institute that has a solid market network and can train you well in securing the best employment opportunities for you.

      Cloud Shine is India’s best Oracle Fusion Training and consulting company that shines well in the above factors mentioned. We provide effective theoretical as well as practical training sessions to the individuals and corporate teams to get a master's in Oracle enterprise system investments. Get in touch to know more about our courses or can book the free demo session.

      The fusion applications are built on Oracle-based applications, which are controlled by Oracle tools themselves. Undeniably, the automation testing tool is necessary to reduce human intervention and enhance the speed, efficiency and reliability of the application. There is a wide range of automation tools for fusion applications to speed up the execution process. But, probably no surprise that Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS) is recommended best for Fusion applications. Because it comes with built-in automation tools and is fully compatible with Oracle applications.

      Oracle Application Testing Suite is a comprehensive and integrated Web application testing solution that offers various tools to promote scalability and reliability of all the critical applications of the business. The speciality of this tool is that it offers certain products like testing management, load stress testing and functional testing encompassed in the single suite. Automating functional and regression testing, executing load tests and managing the test processes, offer numerous benefits to organizations and companies. These include-

      • OATS has cut down the need for manual testing and also their test cycles. Therefore, it reduces the time and cost of testing Oracle applications.
      • With the help of automating both function and load testing, many companies can identify and address more functionality issues and performance errors before the deployment itself. This results in fixing the bugs easier, faster and thus, increasing the quality performance.

      If you want to learn more about OATS, its functionality and how to use it, enroll in India’s Best Institute of courses- Cloud Shine. We offer remarkable Oracle fusion online training to individuals and corporate teams. Our courses include real-time project-based cases, and theoretical as well as practical knowledge so that students can outrank in the competent world. Get in touch to know more about our training and courses and can book a free demo session.

      Oracle Fusion applications are a suite of applications that are built on the Oracle cloud, which include cloud-based applications for better efficiency of the business functions or operations. It includes inclusive business tasks such as ERP, HCM (Human Capital Management), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and many more. These fusion applications are widely used in various sectors of businesses such as BPM (Business Process Management), SCM (Supply chain management), financials or procurement. Furthermore, cloud applications have the ability to host or run in a Cloud Computing Environment (CCE). Oracle Cloud is built for business growth and makes them stand out in the competitive edge of the market.

      In a nutshell, Oracle Fusion applications is an open-standard platform, which is built with security as a priority. These applications offer numerous benefits to business processes that outdated systems don't. It includes the following-

      • Oracle Fusion cloud applications drastically reduce the hardware cost, which in turn increases the business flexibility and provides greater efficiencies in the short and long term. 
      • It automates most of the tasks and provides a streamlined process for the business through a shared infrastructure. 
      • The easy and hassle-free process to migrate applications such as ERP, analytics software and even your existing architecture over the cloud. 
      • These applications are designed for maximizing security and reducing the risk of errors. 
      • Providing scalable infrastructure, hardware and software options that support the business.

      As India’s Best Training Institute For Oracle Fusion Applications, Cloud Shine offers various courses including Supply chain management (SCM), Financials, Human Capital Management (HCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and many more. Our training includes real-time project-based business use cases and given entire theoretical as well as practical exposure to the individuals and corporate teams. Contact us to get the further detailed information regarding our training courses.

      The Oracle Public cloud is an application development platform solution delivered entirely through the Internet. It is a cloud enterprise as a service (EaaS) solution, which provides enterprise-class applications, middleware services and database management. All the three cloud service models and enterprise IT fundamentals are included within the single suite provided on a self-service basis. The services covered under Oracle public cloud are Fusion CRM and HCM cloud, Social Network Cloud, Database cloud and Java cloud. 

      Yes, the oracle public cloud will be a popular cloud service for many reasons. One of the reasons is that Oracle public cloud is designed with key cloud technologies to address the needs of enterprise applications. It has broad cloud services and a partner ecosystem that one requires to build cloud-native applications. They automate the configuration of user access, automate encryption of services, automate online patching and updating and various automated services are included to reduce the risk of human errors. Furthermore, it is the next-generation cloud infrastructure that not only enhances the performance but also improves the key attributes such as security. Last but not least, the pricing of Oracle public cloud is competitive and designed with core cloud capabilities. 

      Cloud Shine is India’s Best Oracle Fusion Training and consulting company that offers professional training in Fusion applications. We have offered corporate training for more than 50+organizations and provided training for more than 500 consultants. Our industry experienced trainers have helped many employees to improve their efficiency and work performance. You can call or WhatsApp or email us to know more about our training programmes.

      Oracle sales cloud refers to the modern “selling” with tools that are easy to deploy and use, entirely mobile, packed up with powerful analytics and built for collaborative selling and revenue generation. This includes the set of various features such as creating and tracking sales campaigns, developing the leads into business opportunities, and taking forward the business opportunities to generate revenue. The oracle sales cloud adapter enables the customers to seamlessly integrate their on-premises or SaaS applications with the oracle sales cloud. 

      Oracle service cloud is part of the Oracle CX Cloud Suite, which is a cloud-based, omnichannel solution that captures a 360-degree view of your customers and enables them to deliver more personalized, secure and fast services to them. With the help of the Oracle service cloud, businesses can automate the service processes, streamline workflows, and overall manage the entire process system. It is an innovative approach that is driven by knowledge, automation and evolving customer interaction channels and simplifying every service experience. 

      The Oracle service cloud and oracle sales cloud, both are completely different and are better in their own functionality. If you want to choose one, you must acknowledge the differences between them and select the right set of features that suits your business requirements. If you need professional experts, then get the best Oracle Cloud consultants from Cloud Shine. We have trained more than 500 consultants through 45 batches in the last 3 years and have structured courses to increase business agility. Contact us via WhatsApp or call or email to know more about our training and courses.

      To register for our professional online training courses, follow the steps mentioned below:-

      • Select the courses from our variety of options by clicking on this link https://cloudshinepro.com/#courses
      • After selecting the particular course, click on the “Enroll Now” button and fill out the popup form.
      • Specify the course name and any additional requests, in case you have any.
      • Click on Send the message.
      • After submitting the form, our team will get in contact with detailed information regarding your enquiry about the training.

      If you have any doubts or confusion, you can call at +91-8908123123 (or WhatsApp) or write to inquiry@cloudshinepro.com. Our courses are well structured and designed to provide theoretical as well as practical exposure to the students. With India’s Best Oracle fusion training course in India, Cloud Shine has industry expert instructors with more than 10+ years of experience. You can book our demo sessions to get acquainted with our teaching skills and methodologies.

      No, we don’t provide soft copies or PDF documents of our courses at the moment due to some security issues. But, we do provide certification training with 6 months of unlimited access to our course videos that train you well in the implementation of the Fusion applications. Check out our courses section and can register to avail of a free demo session to know detailed information regarding our teaching skills.

      Yes, we do provide access to fusion instances for the students and corporate companies to learn the Fusion ERP applications in a short span of time. After the completion of the course, you get certification in the validation of your Oracle Fusion skills. In addition to this, we give references to corporate companies who are looking for certified Fusion applications professionals. We have already trained 500 consultants in our 45 batches in the past 3 years and provide corporate training to more than 50+ organizations. View more about the course by clicking at https://cloudshinepro.com/oracle-fusion-instance-access/

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