CloudShine offers the best oracle fusion instance access for the students and corporate organizations to practice and learn the Fusion ERP application in a short span of time.To learn faster the students, need a best software and applications to be available all to time so that students can practice in their available time.

Key Features of Oracle Fusion SAAS Instance Access

We provide Oracle fusion SAAS instance access for both private and public clouds.

SAAS Instance: This is where all the modules (Finance, SCM, PPM, MFG, Planning, etc.,) will be available for your to practice.


Private SAAS Cloud

Public SAAS Cloud

1Data refresh once or twice in a yearData refresh every 2-3 days
2Accessed by specific list of participantsAccessed by thousands of people around the world
3Private cloud instance performance will be fastPublic Cloud instance performance will be moderate
4Almost no downtimeDowntime once or twice in a month (approximately 6 to 12 hours)
5Charge is Rs. 5000/- per monthCharge is Rs. 5000/- for 3 months

PAAS Instance: This is where RICEW is built for fusion. Reports, Integrations, Customizations, Extensions, and Workflows will be developed. PAAS Components – OIC, PCS, VBCS, ATP Database, etc., will be available in the instance and you can use to practice and develop your applications.

Private PAAS CloudPublic PAAS Cloud
1All PAAS Components will be available – OIC, VBCS, PCS, RAAS, ATP Database, etc.,All PAAS Components will be available – OIC, VBCS, PCS, RAAS, ATP Database, etc.,
2No Refresh / Refresh upon Request by customerOnce in 6 Months
3Only Cloudshine customers. Instance created for each customer on Request.All Cloudshine students will share the same instance.
4Almost no downtimeAlmost no downtime
5Charge Rs. 25000/- Per user per month.Charge Rs. 10000/- Per user per month.

Benefits of Oracle Fusion Instance Access

Enrolling in an online training course for oracle fusion cloud offers advantages such as:

  • You get an Oracle-certified course completion certificate to validate your Oracle fusion skills.
  • Learn fusion applications specific to Finance. HCM, SCM, Planning modules even without any prior experience.
  • You learn the basics of fusion modules like using real-time access to live project data.
  • We help you get references to corporate companies looking for fusion-trained professionals.

We at CloudShine offer a dedicated instance training that aims to speed up the resolve time of an instance issue. Based out of Bangalore, our online training programs are specifically designed to cater to the corporate requirements for Oracle Cloud implementations.

What makes our training and assistance stand out from others is that we focus on real time business case studies and emphasize more on practical studies than theoretical classes. It makes our students ready for the industry with excellent on field knowledge of Oracle Cloud modules.

In the last three years, CloudShine has taught over 500 consultants in 45 batches and provided corporate training to more than 50 organizations.

Within 60 hours of training, our planned instruction, assessment, and practice support can help you or your company’s personnel become industry-ready.

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I took the instance for self learning and for my practice. I am able to practice all of the topics I need in the provided instance. However few roles are not available and the cloudshine team had added on my request which is very helpful. Thanks to the cloudshine co-ordinator.
Dont go for public cloud. Too much down time or very slow. Cloudshine person helped to get the private cloud. now good. thanks.
Thanks Cloudshine for prompt response whenever needed. The Instance is very good. i recommend to others.
Excellent instance. But Cant create users and assign roles. Need to reach and get it added. But instance is good so i am continuing.
I can recommend. I am a OTBI developer and i want to learn fusion apps SCM and FIN myself. Cloudshine provided instance helped me to learn myself. I also got the videos and the instructor explain very clearly.
I took public instance for myself. My colleague took private instance. She did not have any issue with the speed with private instance. Mine was somewhat slow as I took public instance, but still usable for practice. I recommend Private cloud instance.
I needed cloud instance urgently for a month to practice before my interview. Cloudshine was quick to respond and gave the access.
I took the Public cloud instance and it was slow. Then i took the Private cloud instance from Cloudshine and it’s really good for the practice. I request for SCM, happy that the instance has finance and ppm as well. i am looking forward to extend my access if the price is reduced.
There was some downtime for one week. Cloudshine extended my access without any additional cost.
Excellent service! The team always responds quickly when I need to extend my access.
Had to take public instance because I needed security console. Slower than private instance due to its default feature. But I could manage.
Bought public instance for 3 months and private instance for 1 month. Public was normal, private was very fast.
I have been using cloud instance from cloudshine from last 2 months. It’s very good.
I like the service of Cloudshine. They are very helpful and quick to respond. I will continue to use their instance. Honestly speaking, public instance is slow but still utilizable, and private instance is very good. Will recommend both depending on your requirements.


You may either opt for learning online with our live instructors, or self-paced learning from our recorded sessions.

For live instructor training, we will provide instruction manuals, 3 months instance access, and video access of recorded sessions for 1 year.
For self-paced learning, we will provide instruction manuals, 1 month instance access, and video access for 1 year.

Fusion applications is the most used ERP application used my most big corporate companies. As a result, there are many implementation projects available in the market. Therefore, finding job opportunities will not be a problem. Our training and your active participation will increase your competency.

We also provide HR and recruitment services to corporate companies. If these companies look for a fusion-trained resources, we shall refer you.

Our course content is based on the certification topics. We will also provide sample questions based on real examples. Clearing the certification will not be difficult if you do the hands on properly.

We will provide a course completion certificate, which can be shown to the recruiter. Getting an Oracle certification would give recognition throughout the world.

3 months of instance access is part of the course fee. If additional instance access is needed, students may pay Rs. 5,000 extra for additional 3 months, and non-students may pay Rs. 10,000 for 3 months.

We provide both private and public cloud.

In private cloud “security console” access will not be provided. Each user you create will be charged additional around 50 to 500 USD. Apart from security console, they can access all other modules/offerings like HCM, SCM, Finance, and all similar modules. To practice the security console, you may use the public cloud. In public cloud, data may be refreshed once in a month. In private cloud, data will not be refreshed for 1-2 years.

Upto two months or total 60 hours. 1.5 hours session per day from Monday to Friday.

Having an ERP experience is an advantage. You may also learn Fusion applications without an ERP experience with some additional effort and active participation.

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