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Cloud Shine Pro provides comprehensive Workday HCM cloud training to professionals willing to upskill their IT skills and be a decision-making part of an organization. The course covers all the Workday HCM modules deeply. The various assignments in the curriculum aim to make the participants diligent to handle Workday HRM framework and implement the best HRM cloud practices for the company.

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Our Workday HCM certification course encapsulates all the essential elements. The detailed course outline is as below:

Course Content: Course Content

Introduction to Workday HCM

1. Introduction

  • What is HCM?
  • What is Workday?
  • Organisation, Job Profiles and Positions
  • Supervisory Organization
  • Viewing personnel data
  • Staffing Models
  • Hiring Restrictions
  • Job profiles
  • Creating positions and jobs
  • Setting Hiring Restrictions
  • Job Requisitions
  • Jobs profiles
  • Job descriptions and localizations
  • Salary and job descriptions Grades
  • Hierarchy at the management level
  • Differentiating between job families, job profiles, and job family groups
  • Making a job profile (Task)
  • Positions
  • Managing open and vacant roles
  • Establishing jobs (Task)
  • Editing position limitations and Editing position
  • Compensation
  • Overview of Compensation
  • Components of Compensation
  • Remuneration Components
  • Payment Programs
  • Payscales, Grade Profiles, and Steps
  • Reimbursement PlanRules for Compensation Eligibility
  • Hire
  • Create a pre-hire
  • Hire Process
  • Propose Compensation Hire and Beyond
  • Condition Rules and other options
  • Contingent Workers
  • Contracting contingent workers
  • Staffing changes
  • Staffing movement
  • Staffing model types
  • Setting up a unique personnel model
  • Managing Filled and unfilled positions and jobs
  • Termination
  • Termination
  • Job Overlap
  • Creating candidates
  • Hiring in management positions
  • Assigning security groups depending on users
  • Appointment to management positions
  • Staffing changes
  • Termination
  • Relocate employees and deactivate supervisory institutions
  • Day-to-day accounts examining personal information
  • Cancelling a process
  • Changes in Compensation
  • Event Management
  • Cancel, Rescind and Correct Events

Module : 2 Workday Reports

  • Reporting overview
  • Workday Reporting Overview
  • Finding Reports in Workday
  • Scenario
  • Workday Standard Reports
  • Copying a Standard Report
  • Modifying Report Columns
  • Saving Prompt Filters
  • Hiding Standard Reports
  • Using Report Tags
  • All custom reports
  • Building custom esports
  • Reporting Terminology
  • Importance of the Report Data Source
  • Class Report Fields
  • Determining the Primary Business Object and Data Source
  • Business Object Details Report
  • Data Sources Report
  • Scenario
  • Contextual Reporting
  • Creating a Custom Report
  • Adding Fields from Related Business Objects
  • Sorting, filtering and prompting :
  • Scenario
  • Sorting
  • Scenario
  • Filtering
  • Using Wok tags for Filtering
  • Prompting
  • Where can Prompts come from?
  • scenario
  • Runtime data prompts
  • grouping, totalling, outlining
  • scenario
  • Totalling
  • Grouping
  • Outlining
  • Report Output
  • Summary Reports
  • Report security
  • Workday Security Model
  • Sharing Reports
  • common report access issues
  • Who can create, edit, copy and delete a custom report?
  • transferring ownership of a report
  • Scheduling the reports
  • Scheduling a Report
  • Scheduled Future Processes
  • Process Monitor
  • Performance of the reports
  • Explore the different Use cases
  • Factors the impact performance
  • Testing and Debugging
  • Reporting Security Domains
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Check with Helpful Resources

Module : 3 Integration: Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB)

  • Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB) overview
  • Integration architecture review
  • EIB overview
  • EIB design pattern
  • Security to build and launch integrations
  • Security setup for EIBs
  • Outbound EIB
  • Report-as-a-Service (RaaS)
  • Create outbound Enterprise Interface
  • Launching an Integration System
  • Means to launch an EIB
  • Schedule an Integration
  • Dynamic Filenames
  • Notifications
  • Transformations
  • Custom report transformation
  • Custom transformation
  • XML elements and attributes
  • Report-as-a-Service and custom transformation
  • Delivery
  • External File Delivery
  • Email as destination
  • EIB and Workday Web Service
  • Workday Public Web Services
  • Custom transformations and Web Services
  • Importing an XML File using EIB and XSLT
  • Inbound EIB with templates
  • Loading bulk data into Workday using EIB
  • Spreadsheet Templates
  • Create inbound integration system
  • View Template module
  • Generate Spreadsheet template
  • Integration IDs
  • Business process guidelines
  • Launching a template-based inbound EIB
  • Troubleshooting Inbound EIB
  • Business Process Status
  • Integration Error Handling
  • Integration Exception Reports
  • Edit an Integration Attachment
  • Customizing the Template Model
  • View and Edit Template Model
  • Populating generated templates
  • Customizing template model
  • Advanced Inbound EIB
  • Generate spreadsheet template with data
  • Inbound EIBs for import web services

Module :4 Calculated Fields

  • Evaluating Conditions
  • Constant fields
  • True/False condition
  • Evaluate Expression
  • Calculation Hierarchy
  • Planning your calculated fields
  • Working with Dates and Text Strings
  • Global calculated fields
  • Numeric constant
  • Increment or decrement date
  • Date difference
  • Substring text
  • Convert Text to number
  • Calculated Fields Overview
  • Calculated fields overview
  • Characteristics of calculated fields
  • System-wide vs Report-specific calculated fields
  • Calculated field functions
  • Naming conventions
  • Access to calculated fields
  • Locating existing calculated fields
  • Performance considerations
  • Lookup range band
  • Evaluate expression Vs. Lookup range band
  • Performing Mathematical Calculations
  • Count related instances
  • Sum related instances
  • Arithmetic calculations
  • Convert currency
  • Retrieving Data from Related Objects
  • Working with related business objects
  • Lookup Related Value
  • Extract Single Instance
  • Extract multi-Instance
  • Performance considerations
  • Working with Lookups
  • Lookup Hierarchy
  • Lookup Hierarchy Rollup
  • Change Detection
  • Lookup value as Date
  • Change detection
  • Reporting on Business process events
  • Reporting on Events: PBO Vs RBO
  • Current and Proposed values

Module 5:Integration :Core Connector

  • Core Connector: Worker
  • Core Connector: Worker
  • Integration System Services
  • Integration Attributes
  • Integration Field Attributes
  • Integration Field Overrides
  • Integration Maps
  • Access to Workday data
  • Launching an Integration System
  • Change detection
  • Transaction Log
  • Integration Audit Files
  • Integration sequence generators
  • Integration business process
  • Document Transformation
  • The document transformation connector
  • Chaining outbound connectors with document transformation
  • Document transformation integration XSLT formatting
  • Fixed length file scenario
  • Delimited file scenario
  • XML file scenario
  • XML file scenario enhanced
  • ETV and XTT scenario
  • Changing document transformation system
  • Inbound core connector
  • Core connector: Organization inbound
  • Document transformation with an inbound connector

Batch Timings:

Weekdays : 6 AM to 7.30 AM IST ( Monday to Friday)
Weekdays : 7.30 AM to 9 AM IST (Monday to Friday)
Weekend : 6 AM to 9 AM IST (Saturday & Sunday)
Any other special timing requests can be considered.

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    Extremely satisfied with Oracle Fusion HCM training. The sessions were very interactive, and I never hesitated to ask questions to clarify my doubts. Thank you CloudShine!



    It was a pleasure learning from an experienced and knowledgeable HCM trainer. I want to say thanks to the entire team of CloudShine!



    HCM Training from CloudShine was very helpful. The instructor was very punctual, interactive, knowledgeable, patient and confident. He would evaluate the understanding of each student, and make sure that we get all the concepts.



    Best training in Oracle Fusion HCM from CloudShine! They give instance access to practice. During the training, we also had to do assignments. So, it did not feel like we were just studying some bookish stuff. It was an interactive and engaging session.



    I was an HR for 1 year and decided to change my role to ERP. It was a successful switch. Thank you CloudShine for the excellent training!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Workday HCM is built from the ground up and delivered in the cloud. It is the only global enterprise application that unifies human resources, benefits, talent management, payroll, time and attendance as well as recruitment.

    Workday is one of the world’s leading and most used software solutions for managing human resources globally, so its primary purpose should be providing learners with an in-depth knowledge of this application.

    We at CloudShine teach beyond simple theoretical courses by providing opportunities to create reports, modify security settings and more. We provide Workday Certification essential to those seeking human resource management training systematically and thoroughly. The greatest advantage is hands-on learning – where participants experience concepts through experience! You won’t just memorize information. You will experience them.

    We at CloudShine take you through the workday HCM journey in the Duration of 8 Weeks. This time frame will allow anyone to comfortably complete Workday Certification despite any prior experience and knowledge.

    To obtain Workday certification, individuals must complete the necessary training courses, pass the certification exams, and maintain their certification through continuous education. In light of the growing demand for Workday professionals, obtaining certification is crucial for long-term success in this field.

    To get hired at Workday you need to post your CV with the experience or with the training experience in the Workday career site. And you can do the same in all the MNC or the post the CV in the Workday Partner companies. If your profile matches their requirement then definitely you will be receiving the call.

    Workday Consultant salary in India with less than 2 year of experience to 7 years ranges from ₹ 4.5 Lakhs to ₹ 14.5 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 9.2 Lakhs based on 2.8k latest salaries.

    Workday certification is a recognition of an individual's proficiency and expertise in utilizing the Workday software.

    We at CloudShine take you through the workday HCM journey in the Duration of 8 Weeks. This time frame will allow anyone to comfortably complete Workday Certification despite any prior experience and knowledge

    Each topic in the course content will be practically demonstrated. So, the course cannot be shorter than 8 weeks.

    Workday consulting offers a clear career progression path. As you gain experience and expertise, you can progress from entry-level roles to senior consultant positions or even move into managerial or leadership roles.

    The Workday tool Training is one of the most desirable Workday training Online courses for the HR and Finance recruiters who are looking for a change in their career. Workday training material course will give you a basic understanding of how the tool works. The HR and Finance recruiters who want to learn this tool can join the Workday training.

    Self-learning can be a rocky road when it comes to practically learning workday HCM without any expert supervision. A lot of factors like your experience level and familiarity with the workday domain can impact your learning of workday tool efficiently if done alone. Our expert Trainers will help you learn everything from scratch We at CloudShine are committed to help you throughout your training journey.

    Essentially, any type of professional involved in this company or one of their partners may benefit from earning an HCM certification. Eg : Information technology professionals, Human capital management professionals, Company executives, Human resources professionals, General business managers, Business planning professionals, Project managers, Marketing and sales team members, System administrators.

    You’ll have a full year from your course start date to view the replays.

    During the live course, you will be able to ask questions directly to the instructor. You will also be assigned an instructor assistant who will be designated to help you with hands-on exercises after the live session. Once the session is complete, you will have access to an email in which you can ask the instructor team any questions that you have (with documented screenshots of your practice) for the remainder of the year.

    Most of the payment options are available.

    • NEFT / IMPS Account Transfer to our CloudShine company account (INR)
    • PayPal for International Payment (Other than INR)
    • PhonePe (INR)
    • Paytm (INR)

    IIf you are not satisfied with the course you can raise your concern and if we cannot resolve that within the course period we will refund the course fee.

    Few Terms:

    • Student must have attended 30% of the sessions with 90% attendance.
    • Performed the handson as advised by the instructor and share the document with screenshot.

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