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Course Content
Oracle Cloud Global HR
• Introduction to Oracle Cloud
• SAAS, PAAS and IAAS Overview
• Oracle SCM Cloud Capabilities: Overview
• Navigation Basics
• Resources
People Management
• Create organizations and divisions
• Use effective dating and action types
• Explain foundation tables
• Set Up Enterprise HCM Information
• Create Legal Entities for HCM
• Define Workforce Structures
• Define Grades
• Define Jobs
• Define Positions
• Define Geographies
• Define Enterprise Structures
Workflow, Approvals, and Notifications
• Explain Approval Policies
• Manage Approval Groups
• Deploy Notifications
• Manage Approval Transactions
Profile Management
• Explain profile types
• Configure workforce profiles
• Create custom content types
Checklists and Actions
• Create Checklists
• Set Up Actions and Action Reasons
• Define Schedules
• Configure Profile Options and Lookups
• Define Calendar Events and Geography Trees
• Configure Geography Trees
Oracle Cloud Global Payroll
Payroll Concepts
• Describe cloud Human Resources and the cloud payroll person models
• Describe legislative data groups
• Describe payroll statutory units
• Create payroll users and roles
Earnings and Deduction Definitions
• Create an earnings or deduction element
• Explain the behavior of an element
• Create element entry business rules
• Configure an absence element
• Add eligibility rules for an element
• Create rules for retroactive changes
Payroll Costing Rules
• Describe the levels of a costing hierarchy
• Set up a payroll cost allocation flexfield
• Configure various types of costing
• Perform a transfer to subledger accounting and a posting to GL
Payroll Flows
• Copy a flow pattern
• Edit a flow pattern
• Define parameters for tasks within a flow pattern
• Submit a payroll flow
Payroll and Balance Definitions
• Add company payment details
• Explain how to configure a payslip report
• Add third-party payment details
Employee Level Payroll Information
• Add a standard earnings entry earning or deduction to an employee
• Add bank account details for an employee
• Enter payroll frequency details for an employee
• Manage absences for an employee
• Explain how to initialize payroll balances
• Manage costing for a person
Calculate, Validate and Correct Payroll Processes
• Describe the Payroll Checklist
• Verify the results of a payroll run
• Correct the payroll run details for an employee
• Submit and verify the results of the payment process
• Confirm the status of the payroll flow
• Verify the results of the costing process
• Describe how to reconcile the payroll
Oracle Cloud Global Absence Management
Oracle Absence Management Cloud Overview
• Describe the main features of Absence Management
• Describe the setup components of Absence Management
• Describe the difference between Absence Type and Absence Plan
• Describe the types of absence plans available in Absence Management
Absence Qualification Plans
• Describe the plans terms available for qualification plans
• Explain the absence management processes related to qualification plans
• Identify the components for the qualification entitlements display
• Create absence qualification plans
Administration Tasks
• Administering plan enrollments and adjustments
• Create, maintain and recalculate absence records
• Explain and execute Absence Management processes
Absence Accrual Plans
• Explain the absence management processes related to accrual plans
• Set up derived factors
• Configure eligibility profiles
• Create a repeating time period
• Create absence accrual plans
Absence Types
• Certification Action Items
• Describe the types and usages of certification action items
• Configure Certifications (document and entitlement change types)
• Set up Certifications (document and entitlement change types) within Absence Type
• Manage Absence Certifications (schedule process, track due dates, status, etc.)
Payroll Integration
• Describe the setup tasks required to integrate with Global Payroll
• Integrate Absence Management and Global Payroll
• Set up rate definitions in Absence Management
Oracle Cloud Talent Management
• Establish worker goals
• Configure goals and define worker goal setting objectives
• Describe goal management concepts
• Configure goal setup options
• Manage the goal library
• Configure goal plans
• Implement employee goals
• Configure eligibility criteria
Performance Management
• Explain performance documents
• Set goals and competencies in a performance document
• Evaluate goals and competencies
• Configure worker performance objectives
• Configure performance setup options
• Manage performance roles
• Build performance template sections
• Implement performance document approvals
• Configure performance notifications
Talent Review
• Configure talent review dashboard options
• Conduct a talent review
• Manage talent review data
• Review an action plan
• Perform talent search and profile comparisons
Profle Management
• Manage Profiles
• Define questionnaire objectives
• Manage questions
• Implement questionnaires and templates
Succession Plans and Talent Pools
• Describe succession management integrations
• Create and manage succession plans
• Describe talent pools integrations
• Create and manage talent pools
Career Development
• Explain concepts and processes for Development Goals, Exploring Roles, and Careers of Interest
Oracle Cloud Goal and Performance Management
Goal Management Overview
• Introduce the key processes and concepts of Talent Management
• Functional Setup Manager Overview
• Goal Tracking
• Goal Components
Goal Management Setup and Maintenance
• Goal Management Setup and Maintenance
• Lookups, Flexfields, and Profile Options
Review Periods
• Creating Review Periods
Goal Library
• Managing the Goal Library
Goal Plans
• Managing Employee and Organization Goal Plans
• Managing Goal Sets
Eligibility Profiles for Goals
• Determining Goal Eligibility
Create Goals
• Managing Goals
Mass Assignment of Goals
• Administering and Mass Assigning Goals
Performance Management Overview
• Performance Management Overview
• Anytime Performance Documents
• Employee Check-In
Performance Management Setup and Maintenance
• Performance Profile Options and Descriptive Flexfields
• Performance Roles and Matrix Management
Performance Process Flows
• Process Flow Determination
Eligibility Profiles for Performance Documents
• Eligibility Profiles
• Question Library
• Question and Response Types
• Questionnaire Templates
• Creating Questionnaires
Performance Document Types
• Managing Performance Document Types
Performance Templates
• Performance Templates and Performance Template Sections
Evaluate Performance
• Perform an Evaluation
• Administration and Monitoring Tasks for Employee Performance

We Offer Oracle Fusion HCM Training in India

Human Capital Management (HCM) has been designed to transform the traditional administrative functions of the human resources (HR) department. The primary functions of this department that include recruiting, training, compensation, payroll and performance management can be transformed into opportunities with the help of HCM and thus improve the productivity and overall business value.
The HCM program considers employees as the capital of a firm, so it believes that by investing in the employees helps an organization to grow their capital in the long run. HCM practically helps you in hiring the right people for your organization rejecting the candidates who don’t fit in.
Today, Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud applications are helping organizations in handling the HR and talent management processes. This application also supports local compliance and has the ability to process the needs of various countries. Acquiring an Oracle HCM Cloud certification can help you achieve better and faster results with fewer resources and also give you an edge over your peers in that particular field.
So, get certified to use this amazing Oracle HCM Cloud applications solution from one of the reputed training institutes providing Oracle fusion HCM training India. At CloudShine, we know everyone has a different technique to learn things. Self-pacing aids every individual to make the best use of his or her time in the process of meeting their learning objectives. The one who picks up fast reflects better competency.
We are known for delivering 100% satisfied training with an option of a 100% refund. Our instructors have 10 years plus real-time project experience in Cloud ERP implementation and support. Our course on HCM contains Oracle Cloud Global HR, Oracle Cloud Global Payroll, Oracle Cloud Global Absence Management, Oracle Cloud Talent Management and Oracle Cloud Goal and Performance Management. Join us today to and acquire one of the best certifications in HCM Cloud Applications.

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Weekend : 6 AM to 9 AM IST (Saturday & Sunday)
Any other special timing requests can be considered.

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