Corporate Training

Corporate training in Oracle Fusion Cloud technologies can have an immensely positive impact on the growth and development of any organization. With the help of this training, companies can more effectively manage their financials, human resources, supply chain operations, project management processes, and customer experiences. This suite of powerful cloud-based software applications has a wide range of features and capabilities that can be utilized to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.

Organizations are increasingly taking advantage of corporate training in Oracle Fusion Cloud to ensure that their employees are up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technological advancements. This type of training helps employees develop a better understanding of key concepts, allowing them to make better decisions in all aspects of their job roles. By investing in corporate training in Oracle Fusion Cloud technologies, companies can gain access to improved analytics, automated reporting processes, enhanced customer experience solutions, faster deployment times, and more cost-effective solutions.

Custom Solutions for Employee / Corporate
Training in USA, India and UAE

We Grow your Business by Upskilling Your Workforce

We develop & deliver world-class Oracle corporate training programs for employees that align with your company’s culture and technology needs. We provide private and custom corporate training programs for corporate groups or organisations with specific training and development needs.


Identify your Key Employees

We make them a Fusion Implementation expert in shorter time span

Your key users will be driving the fusion implementation efficiently

This leads to a successful implementation

How You Benefit From Our Corporate Training?

Improves Cost Efficiency

We help you cut the cost of hiring new employees by training your existing employees. Corporate learning and development improve efficiency and build their existing knowledge.

Better Decisions at early stage of Implementation

We help you cut the cost of hiring new employees by training your existing employees. Corporate learning and development improve efficiency and build their existing knowledge.

Your Team can drive the Implementation

Even though you have an ERP Implementation Partner, your employee needs to provide the right inputs and drive the implementation partner. For which a better knowledge is required which we can deliver.

Ramps Up Productivity

Instead of hiring a new team, training your existing team virtually guarantees an increase in their future level of production.

Improves Employee Morale

Our corporate Oracle training helps improve your employees’ morale and creates a sense of value which inspires them to produce better results.

Lowers Absenteeism

When you improve employee engagement, it will naturally reflect in their sense of commitment to your company, resulting in lowering absenteeism.

We can provide training to two main audience groups.

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    CloudShine – One of the Leading Corporate
    Training and Courses Institutes in USA, India and UAE

    In the corporate world, growth is necessary in order to keep ahead of the competition. Moving to cloud based Oracle ERP which supports a streamlined global business process, single source of truth, adhering to governance, and many more benefits. Moving to Cloud ERP is a bit challenging task. However we can make it with proper planning and providing education with the experts who had did several implementations will make the next step successful. So it is always recommended to take corporate training to your employees before starting the implementation project.

    A relentless pursuit of knowledge is key to growing and progressing your company. Strengthen the aspects of your business that will benefit you the most – Partner with us today and experience one of the leading training institutes in USA, India and UAE. We offer customizable training courses specifically designed to equip and empower individuals who will be using the new ERP system in future as well as who will be leading the ERP implementation from the business side. Our solutions are specifically integrated to help grow you and your team by developing better strategies, behaviour and performance.

    At CloudShine, we allow our clients to experience and excel their knowledge and skill set at one of the leading training institutes in USA, India and UAE.
    From Oracle Fusion SCM Corporate Courses, Oracle Fusion Finance Corporate Courses, Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management Corporate Courses, Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management Corporate Courses, Oracle Fusion PAAS Technical Corporate Courses, we offer it all.

    Grow your Team with Efficient Corporate Training and Courses in USA, India and UAE

    With the short term courses offered at CloudShine, you will empower yourself and your workforce to maximise their opportunities and deliver to the best of their abilities. As one of the most trusted Oracle Corporate training companies in USA, India and UAE, we have developed solutions that are focused on helping you and your teams grow through enhanced performances, efficient strategies and better behavior.

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