Workday Finance Interview Questions

Workday is a popular financial management and human capital management software that is widely used in enterprises. Candidates with Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud certification can be called to fill various financial positions where Workday is used. 

Let’s take a look at some of the common questions asked during the interview. 

What is meant by workday finance management?

Workday finance management is a significant accounting procedure that is followed around the world. It helps to skillfully deal with financial patterns as well as unfamiliar components to create a fully auditable action framework. 

What are the workday FM areas products?

The key financial management applications are as follows:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Revenue Management
  • Financial reporting and analytics
  • Inventory
  • Projects
  • Procurement
  • Expenses
  • Project billing
  • Grants management

What are the key benefits of using workday financial management?

Workday financial management helps accounts executives and managers to easily acquire a logical financial insight of the entire organisation. It facilitates internal administration, steady management and helps to improve processes without disturbing the company’s operations. It is also a user-friendly system that offers reliable service to managers, accountants, supervisors as well as workers. 

What is the purpose of workday finance projects?

It supports productivity by integrating factors that enable the staff to perform better. It also contributes towards organisational progress. With knowledge of Oracle Fusion Financials, the projects can be handled effectively.

What are the insight applications of workday finance?

The application suite of Workday Finance helps to blend the power of Artificial Intelligence and cutting-edge information technology to streamline financial processes. 

What are the advantages of workday financial management?

It provides accuracy in managing cash flow, ensures proper management of financial resources, minimises risk and facilitates succession planning. 

How can the customer benefit from workday financial management?

With streamlined accounting procedures and thorough risk assessment, businesses have better insights and this enables them to serve customers better. 

Who are the competitors and alternatives of workday financial management?

The alternatives of workday financial management are as follows:

  • Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP
  • ERP Next
  • FinancialForce Accounting
  • Unit4ERP
  • Focus 9
  • Micorsoft Dynamics 365 Finance


What are the elements of core finance?

Core Finance consists of Accounting & Finance, Governance & Compliance and Cash Management. 

What does a workday consultant do?

Workday consultants help customers to integrate the accounting software in the organisational accounting process.

What are the elements of workday revenue management?

Contracts, Billing and Revenue Recognition are the core elements of workday revenue management. 

Is workday FM a global core?

It allows organisations to operate globally and supports multi-currency, multi-entity, multi-language and multi-book requirements. Oracle Fusion Financials training can help you to easily deal with Workday. 

What languages does workday financial management support?

All functions of Workday FM can be carried out in English.

What can you do with workday financial management?

It is flexible and scalable, allowing users to integrate financial accounting and reporting without switching between applications. 

If you are planning to work with Workday, Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud certification can be extremely useful. 

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