Difference between Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Fusion Applications

Many times, you may have heard Oracle Fusion middleware and Oracle Fusion applications being used interchangeably. The basic similarity between the two is that both are offerings from Oracle. However, there are major differences between these two. In this blog, we will elaborate more on how Oracle Fusion middleware is different from Oracle Fusion applications.

What is an Oracle Fusion Middleware?

It can be defined as a component that is between other components such as database, application, or infrastructure. Oracle Fusion middleware helps facilitate the infrastructure required to build Oracle business applications. The middleware is inbuilt in the applications that allow end-users to view the business WebLogic and processes.

The components of the middleware depend based on the requirement. Oracle Fusion Middleware has three major components:

  1. Web Tier

    – Oracle WebCache, Oracle HTTP server

  2. Oracle WebLogic Server (middle tier)

    – Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle WebCenter, Oracle Web Services

  3. Data Tier

    – Oracle Internet Directory, Oracle Virtual Directory, Oracle Database

A few examples of Oracle Fusion middleware are:

  • Oracle JDeveloper: This development tool helps in building business applications
  • WebCenter portals: It can be used to build internet and intranet portals with basic protocols and personalized portal pages
  • Oracle Business Intelligence: It features an OLAP dashboard with queries, analysis, reports, and other details for easy and efficient corporate data analysis
  • Oracle Content Management: It creates a single repository that includes document management, content publishing, image capturing, and other content forms.
  • Oracle Service Oriented Architecture: This middleware allows developers to build composite applications to manage services and business processes.
  • Oracle Access Manager: It verifies and validates the user credentials and authorizes a user to access an application based on the privileges. It also facilitates the creation, updating, and deletion of user information and assigns roles to users.
  • Oracle Enterprise Management: It enables the administrator to check all the components of the Fusion middleware on one console for debugging issues, previewing log files, or analysing performance

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What are Oracle Fusion Applications?

Oracle Fusion Applications is a suite that’s designed to be developed on Oracle Fusion middleware. A Fusion application could be an ERP, GRC, EPM, CRM, SCM, or HCM that has been developed on a Fusion middleware. They also enhance the functionality of the existing Oracle applications. The Oracle Fusion applications are classified based on the functional areas or product families. A few examples of Oracle Fusion applications are:

  • Oracle Fusion CRM:

    Manage contacts, customers, and resources

  • Fusion Financials:

    Manage cash flow, cash cycle, ledger, research, and other finance-based tasks

  • Oracle HCM:

    Employee management, from entry into the system to their exit

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Differences between Fusion Middleware and Fusion Applications

Oracle Fusion middleware consists of components such as WebCenter portal, Oracle WebLogic server, identity and access management, WebCenter, Oracle web tier, and more. It is placed with the Oracle database and helps build and deploy business applications.

On the other hand, Oracle Fusion applications are business applications that are built atop Oracle fusion middleware. These applications are grouped based on their functional areas.


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