10 Key Features / Functions of Oracle Cloud ERP

As globalization engulfs businesses, the need to look out for a tool that helps companies get a competitive edge is imperative. The Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) software is one such potent tool for businesses thriving to create an effective centralized and integrated approach to manage various business functions.

What is Oracle ERP Cloud?

Oracle ERP Cloud is a cloud-based software that works on a Software-As-a-Service model. It adds agility and resilience to a company with a robust ERP software that encapsulates all the benefits of a SAAS platform like:

  • Reduced time to market
  • On-time delivery
  • Lower operational and maintenance cost
  • Reduced workload on IT team

It is instrumental in helping businesses execute automated processes through various modules like SCM, HRM, CRM, etc. It has made it a go-to ERP software tool for many enterprises across the globe. The software offers various deployment choices and prioritizes cloud security.

It implements new-age technologies like artificial intelligence to ERP cloud to ensure cloud security and seamless workflow. All of these are implemented to increase the business potential of the companies. Oracle ERP cloud creates auto-suggestions based on data analytics that help in implementing smart finance decisions.

Features of Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle ERP cloud offers an end-to-end management solution through a comprehensive cloud-based service. Some of the key features include:

  1. Remote Access

It can be accessed from any place, at any time, from any smart device like a tablet, mobile, smartwatch, etc. It offers flexibility for an organization and enables a remote work culture.

  1. Ease of Use

The software uses a user-friendly architecture and includes all the essential elements required to run a business with ease.

  1. Automatic Updates

It automatically updates the software or sends a notification with every new release.

  1. Flexible Cost

It offers various subscription plans, so organizations can choose a model that suits their business model the best at a reasonable cost.

  1. Licenses

It does not charge any upfront license cost and upgrades automatically.

  1. Architecture

It has an architecture that can enable a wide range of applications from HRM to CRM to finance management.

  1. Integration

It can easily be integrated into an organization’s cloud infrastructure and allows bulk data movement.

  1. Convenience

It works with the Oracle Cloud Marketplace that is dedicated to cloud business applications. It helps to deploy the best solutions for a growing online business.

  1. Infrastructure

When deployed with Oracle Cloud infrastructure, it offers a complete package for companies to scale their online business.

  1. User Interface

Oracle Cloud ERP has a quick, simple, and easy-to-understand user interface that allows companies to perform back and front office works seamlessly.


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