Top 10 signs that it’s time for modern cloud applications

The pandemic has brought about a sea change in our lives, work, and lifestyle. It has also turned businesses upside down. Organizations scrambled to find more efficient ways of working without bringing in employees to the office. Others tried to adapt to new technologies to ensure that the operations were not affected.

Even though we haven’t seen respite from this deadly virus, the economy is slowly limping back to the road to recovery. As organizations battled the problems created by the lockdown due to the pandemic, they started pondering on the future. Every business owner started to think about building a business model that would be ready for natural as well as manmade disasters.

How can businesses stay resilient during uncertain times?

What do we naturally do during a crisis? We tend to focus on the most urgent problems and work on the bottlenecks. While many companies were thinking this way, the pioneers were a step ahead. These companies created opportunities in this difficult period and decided to go for digital transformation. They focused on agility, innovation, and digitalization, which ultimately led to business growth. These organisations partnered with technology outsourcing providers to build a strong foundation and make their business model future ready.

One technology that most organizations decided to invest in is Cloud technology. Cloud applications allow enterprises to work from anywhere and at any time. It also helps bring the entire business process onto one platform for transparent and seamless operations.

What are Cloud applications?

The modern cloud applications are connected and talk to each other, which make it convenient to share information. These applications can be connected across the enterprise or just for one functional area, such as operations, HR, finance, supply chain, or such.

Why do you need Cloud applications?

There are many ways in which your company will benefit from using Cloud applications. A common data model creates a common platform for all the Clouds, making it easy and secure to share and manage data. It also ensures seamless workflow across horizontals. It allows you to get more done with less time and fewer quality issues.

Does your business need Software as a Service (SaaS) application?

Is your organization ready for digital transformation? Here are a few points that you need to consider while evaluating the need for Software as a Service (SaaS) for your organization.

  1. You have concerns about data security

If you are having concerns about data security and confidentiality, then it’s time to go for a technological upgrade. You also need to check if your existing system is able to deal with the latest security threats.

  1. You need to upgrade the existing system

Legacy applications may not have many customizable options to deal with the latest changes and developments. So, if it’s time to upgrade the current system, preferably go for the latest and most advanced Cloud solution that will meet your futuristic requirements.

  1. You don’t have the infrastructure to work with emerging technologies

If your team is finding it challenging to work with AI, ML, DL, Big Data, and other essential technologies, then it’s time to go for a tech rehaul.

  1. You’re using outdated hardware

It can be expensive and time consuming to replace the old hardware with the latest options. A simple and affordable solution is to go to the Cloud.

  1. The costs of maintaining on-premises hardware and software are increasing

Do you find the costs of maintaining the existing system taking a huge bite of your budget? It’s time to shift to efficient and affordable Cloud solutions.

  1. You have too many disconnected silos

Connectivity and coordination are the keys to successful operations. When horizontals work in individual silos, the chances of data loss and manipulation are high. It also creates conflicts and adds to your expenses. A common Cloud platform can remove all these issues and ensure seamless connectivity.

Every business has a unique requirement and requires a bespoke cloud strategy based on the company’s long-term and short-term goals. Plan the future of your business with Oracle Fusion Cloud applications that offer a comprehensive and connected Software as a Service suite.

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