Accounts Payables – User Role

Accounts Receivable

Role Description
Payables Specialist Enters invoices ensuring accuracy, uniqueness, and completeness. Matches invoices to correct purchase orders or receipts ensuring that invoices comply with company policy.
Payables Supervisor Oversees the activities of Accounts Payables Specialists. Initiates and manages pay runs. Resolves non-data entry holds.
Payables Manager Manages Accounts Payable department and personnel. Overrides exceptions, analyzes Oracle Fusion Payables balances and submits income tax and withholding reports to meet regulatory requirements.
Fixed Assets – User Role
Role Description
Asset Accountant Performs asset transactions including additions, adjustments, transfers, and retirements, ensuring accuracy and completeness. Verifies asset information, transaction details, and accounting entries through inquiry and reports.
Asset Accounting Manager Manages fixed assets department and personnel. Monitors and performs asset transactions, maintain asset books and setups in Oracle Fusion Assets, and views asset information and accounting entries.
Receivables – User Role
Role Description
Accounts Receivables Specialist Manages and implements all customer payment activities, including receiving customer payments and electronic remittance advice, performing cash handling activities, processing customer payments, and applying payments to customer accounts
Accounts Receivables Manager Manages all accounts receivable activities, including defining policy and controls, establishing processes and procedures, resolving issues, monitoring and analyzing accounts receivable balances, and creating reports and business intelligence
Cash Management – User Role
Role Description
Cash Manager Protects and develops the company’s liquid assets maximizing their use and return to the organization.
Expenses – User Role
Role Description
Employee Identifies the person as an employee
Line Manager/   Approver Identifies the person as a line manager
Expense Manager Manages the company’s expense policies and processes. Reviews and proposes changes to expense policies.
Expense Auditor Reviews and audits expense reports on a daily basis to ensure compliance with the company’s reimbursement policy.
Corporate Card  Administrator Oversees the functioning of corporate card travel programs and procurement card programs. Provides support to cardholders and assures payments are made timely and no delinquencies are incurred.
Tax – User Role
Role Description
Tax Manager Defines the tax policies and the most efficient tax configuration. Sets up relatively stable entities that seldom require updates, such as tax regimes and taxes.
Tax Administrator Sets up technical areas and the integration with tax service providers
Tax Specialist Maintains tax configuration, especially the variable entities that require periodic updates, such as tax rates and tax jurisdictions.
Tax Accountant Prepares and files tax returns and reports for an enterprise, including country, federal, state, and local corporate, payroll, and transaction taxes.


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