Oracle Fusion Inventory Management Important Roles

Warehouse Manager

Role Description
Inventory Manager Manages activities in the warehouse such as managing inventory transactions, planning inventory replenishment and managing cycle, and physical inventory counts.
Receiving Agents Performs receiving activities such as receiving expected shipment lines, inspecting received lines, correcting received lines, and managing returns.
Shipping Agents Records and processes outbound shipments including packing and labeling. Ensures that orders are correctly filled and captures freight, handling, and value service charges. Records weight, volume, and attributes associated with the shipment.
Shipping Manager Monitors and analyzes outstanding and completed work for the warehouse. Manages the outbound shipment process including reviewing and resolving shipping exceptions. Implement shipping standards and process improvements.
Warehouse Manager Manages and analyzes all warehouse activities including analyzing materials management and logistics performance, managing inventory transactions, managing cycle, and physical counts, configuring warehouse setup, and reviewing inventory balances.
Warehouse Operator Performs warehouse activities such as creating inventory transactions, processing movement requests, recording cycle and physical inventory counts, performing material put away, and confirming pick slips.
Cost Accountant Performs cost and management accounting functions.
Supply Chain Controller Models the supply chain financial orchestration by defining the primary and financial routes among the profit centers, defining transfer pricing rules, defining accounting rules and tax determinants and monitor the financial orchestration execution.

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