Unable to Create Procurement Agent

Unable to create Procurement Agent and Supplier which prevents being able to proceed with creation of Supplier and Supplier Invoices/Payments.
The main objective is to be able to create a Supplier.

How to setup an Agent and select the same as a Procurement Agent?

Steps To Reproduce

1. The role ‘Supplier Administrator’ has already been added to the user.
2. Log in and Navigate:
Setup and Maintenance > Manage Implementation projects (select ‘Financials’) > Procurement > Defining Purchasing Configuration > Define Procurement Agents > Manage Procurement Agents > Click on ‘Create’.
3. Select the BU and find that there are no values in the ‘Agent’ LOV.
Procurement Agent


User should be created through ‘Manage Users’ task and ensure that the user is an active one.

Afterward, this user is available in the ‘Agent’ LOV while creating/editing a Procurement Agent.

This task can be executed by IT Security Manager.

1. Sign on as IT Security Manager

2. Navigator: Setup and Maintenance

3. Task: Manage Data Role and Security Profiles

4. Query for the Employee role and Press Search.

5. Select the Employee role, select Edit, then next to exit Assign Data Role: Security Criteria

6. In the Security Criteria page, locate Public Person Security Profile region and select View All Workers.

7. Save/Submit.

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