Celebrating a milestone: Oracle completes its move to Fusion Cloud ERP

In today’s day and age, business transformations have become imperative. Every organisation has certain goals and to constantly meet evolving customer expectations, innovation and technological upgrades are necessary. Just like any other organisation, Oracle has successfully achieved end-to-end automation of its processes, ranging from Human Capital and Supply Chain Management to Payroll, Finance, Sales, Recruitment etc. It has also migrated the Order-to-Revenue systems to Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP. 

If you are keen to learn more about this process, Oracle ERP cloud training online can be extremely useful. 

Highlights of the transformation timeline 

The collaborative effort of IT and business teams made the migration efficient and undisruptive. With a 4-step analyse, plan, test and launch method, the transformation could be completed on time. The first phase of Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP was implemented in January, 2018. It helped to drastically modernise the expense processes. 

By FY20-21, it helped to release earnings and swiftly close the books despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. To learn more about Oracle Fusion ERP applications, professionals can also take up a short training on Oracle Fusion Instance Access. Like Oracle, other organisations also can benefit from business transformations powered by Oracle applications. 

The value of Order-to-Revenue in Oracle Cloud

Order-to-Revenue migration enabled Oracle to integrate systems across the business. With end-to-end solutions, efficiency of teams increases. Visibility of processes also improve dramatically and it leads to the achievement of the following:

  • Significantly improves the coordination between channels and fulfilment sources
  • Enables faster execution of orders
  • Fail-to-pay automation
  • Better tracking and insight into customer actions and requirements
  • Increased visibility of actionable items on the Collections dashboard

It also improved customer experience, resulted in quicker transactions and reduced paperwork. Order creation and fulfilment also became quicker. To get similar results, many companies are relying on Oracle ERP Cloud training online as an efficient method to implement the entire suite of Oracle applications that aid business transformation. 

Putting it all together

Oracle strives to constantly redefine business transformations with agility and innovation. Taking into consideration the rapid changes in the business environment, Oracle anticipates change and addresses issues to deliver better outcomes. The transformation has not only resulted in end-to-end integration of the business on the cloud, it helped them to further improve best practices and lessons learnt during the process. The lessons were shared with product teams as well as customers to help them take their next steps towards a transformative journey. 

If you too are looking to embark on a journey of business transformation, Oracle Fusion Instance Access training for the employees can be a stepping stone in the right direction. It can equip people with the necessary tools and knowledge to implement changes that augur well for business growth and success.
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