What To Consider When Hiring An Oracle Consultant Firm

Industries across sectors are looking for high-quality cloud infrastructure for their mission-critical database needs and to tackle new global conditions. Oracle, one of the world’s largest software companies is sought after, now more than ever, for their DBMS services that are backed by decades of industry experience and knowledge. What sets Oracle apart from other services is the huge array of programs available for a wide range of businesses.

Oracle’s cloud infrastructure and applications mainly benefit computer software, information technology services, and staffing and recruiting. Banking and financial services, government administration, healthcare sector, education sectors also use Oracle for their database needs.

By finding a consultant firm offering the right solutions and Oracle specialists for implementing them, organisations and companies seek to improve their cloud computing and Business Intelligence capabilities through Oracle implementation.

The following factors are considered by a business when choosing an Oracle consultant:

  • Insights from the Team: A team of top managers who have a deep understanding of the tools a department/team may need to work efficiently is formed. They create a list of different Oracle consulting firms who can provide cloud solutions for the problems or challenges they encounter while working.
  • Begin Search: Reliable Oracle consulting companies in their location of choice are shortlisted. This is often done by speaking to software vendors about reputable firms. They also search online for reliable “oracle consulting firms” to broaden their list of choices.
  • Assess Candidates: Once a definitive final list is created, the selected consulting firms are further vetted as per the following:
  • Providing Right Cloud Solutions: The list of problems provided by the managers is collected and analysed. Each of the shortlisted firms are then asked if they offer solutions for most, if not all, of the issues on the list. The ones who have the most to offer are considered for selection.
  • Providing Quality Services: The consulting firm’s website is analysed for the services they offer and the years of experience they have in the industry. Businesses also go through the consulting firms’ online reviews, testimonials, and customer feedback to determine the quality of the services offered.
  • Oracle Specialists: Businesses would be looking for highly experienced Oracle specialists for implementation. They prefer to work with functional consultants who are well-versed at both problem solving and providing solutions. The Oracle website lists the firms that are Network Partners, and this is considered as a major deciding factor.
  • Company Culture Fit: An Oracle consulting firm may work with an organisation for months to years based on their requirement be it implementation and integration or support services. For this reason, businesses would choose consultancy firms who are a cultural fit as a wrong selection can lead to major work delays or miscommunication.

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