An Intro to SCM Modules In Oracle Cloud Applications

The Oracle supply chain management module offers continuous innovation-driven cloud-based solutions to businesses in effectively handling the complex supply chain activities within the company.

The software aims to make businesses resilient enough to react to real-time business events and make necessary strategic decisions. It integrates the digital supply chain with product innovation, inventory, logistics, and all the crucial elements that ensure seamless supply chain management.

Being one of the most comprehensive and holistic SCM suites in the cloud, it includes the following modules:

Product Management

Optimum product management is the key to supply chain success. Oracle product management module is built exclusively to help executives manage, monitor product catalogs and processes. It also aids them in ideating and implements new strategies for effective product development processes.

This module offers solutions for data and product information management and is pre-integrated with other Oracle ERP cloud modules.

Order Management Cloud

Oracle SCM offers an order management cloud module that is developed to help companies manage and process their orders faster and with more accuracy. Oracle supply chain management training courses amplify the importance of this module as it is an imperative factor in helping enterprises increase their profits and credibility among their stakeholders.

The Distributed Order Orchestration (DOO), a popular element of this module, lets enterprises easily create and track sales orders and ensure the timely fulfillment of orders. Built on SOA and FMW, Companies can integrate the order management cloud with their existing system and enjoy its benefits.


Oracle SCM offers pricing services for companies, where they can use industry-specific marketing principles to price an item. It considers the customer profile and helps enterprises quote a reasonable price for their product that attracts customer attention while considering the production costs.

The pricing module uses matrices, algorithms, and service mapping, which can be easily configured with custom fields to derive the price.


The manufacturing module offers solutions for plants, work areas, and work centers, etc. It aids the managers to create, execute and monitor discrete manufacturing processes. This Oracle module does not support process manufacturing.

Inventory and Costing

The inventory module takes care of the material transactions, while the costing takes care of the financial transitions in the warehouse. Both of them help the warehouse managers keep track of warehouse activities and reduce a lot of manual work like bookkeeping. It also improves work efficiency.

Global Order Promising

This is a customer-specific module where the organization can define available-to-promise (ATP) rules and allocation rules that specify how the items on fulfillment lines should be promised by the order promising engine. It enables enterprises to govern the order of the promising engine.


The Oracle planning module enables organizations to plan and execute supply chain strategies based on material and capacity constraints. It also gives an overview of the customer’s demands and helps organizations stock their supply accordingly.

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