Oracle Helps Customers Embrace Continuous Supply Chain Innovation

Every organization has a common ultimate supply chain goal, and that is “Perfect delivery of orders”- one that reaches the recipient on time and in perfect shape.

A continuous supply chain model is an innovation-driven approach to manage supply chains where there is the consistency of product and information flow. It works around the stock decoupling point to ensure no overstock or understock of materials in the inventory. The ultimate aim is to meet the expected sales without over costing the company with insufficient stock levels.

To help companies achieve their goals in supply chain management, we offer Oracle cloud SCM courses that include all the new Oracle SCM modules. These aim at improving the capabilities of the organizations to proactively respond to changes and make the best of the modern market opportunities.

Here are how the new additions help organizations to truly enjoy the fruits of continuous supply chain innovation.

Frictionless orchestration

The new features in the Oracle SCM module aim to simplify the supply chain process. The new features that support a frictionless orchestration of the process are:

  • Production scheduling capabilities maximize factory throughput and asset utilization for discrete industries using real-times analytics to monitor data. It works in synchronization with Oracle Manufacturing.
  • A more user-friendly Oracle order management that makes processing large orders simple and fast, along with safe and secure payment gateways.
  • New pre-bidding features help companies to prepare for better negotiations and create effective contracts that enable better collaborations.
  • Companies can split their large orders into smaller lots or merge small lots into a single order, and translate the units using REST and FBDI to meet the partner requirements.
  • To enable companies to manage and monitor their assets during inventory and transit using the power of IoT.

Perfect delivery

Companies use Oracle SCM modules to plan and execute strategies that allow easy adoption of disruptions to meet the growing consumer demands of fast delivery.

The new Oracle transportation management now has machine capabilities that help companies to actively predict transit times, cost in real-time, and improve inventory efficiency. The Oracle IoT Fleet Monitoring helps companies to reduce inventory costs by accurately predicting transit times for planned shipments.

The integration of IoT with SCM enables companies to keep a real-time check of their stocks and help in streamlining deliveries. New capabilities of Oracle SCM also open the options for the companies to qualify the products to global standards.

Continuous innovation

The new Oracle Product Lifecycle Management capabilities allow companies to streamline the supply chain process in terms of management and development of services and products. Right from the step, they are conceptualized every step in the product life cycle is monitored using better analytics and data security.


With new additional capabilities, Oracle SCM cloud has become an indispensable name for the supply chain industry. However, to make the best of the cloud-based software, you need skilled people who can deploy the right decisions at the right time using the Oracle SCM module.

Cloud Shine Pro offers Oracle supply chain management training with a comprehensive curriculum to bring out the right skills. Our Oracle supply chain management course encapsulates all the features. We also offer hands-on training so you can use the Oracle SCM module in the best interest of your company.

From Cloudshine we have trained more than 500 consultants through 45 batches in the last 3 years and providing corporate training for 50+ organizations.

Our structured training, assessment, and practice support will help you or your company employees to become industry-ready within 60 hours of training.

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