How to Choose Oracle Cloud Training Institute for Corporate Training

At a time when it’s becoming essential for enterprises to move to cloud-based solutions, it’s very important to train your technical workforce in Oracle cloud functionality.

Some of the ways to find the best Oracle cloud training online courses for corporate training are:

  • Check Their Website and Offered Courses – There are many online course providers listed online. It’s important to do thorough research to find the most appropriate course for your enterprise. Cloudshine is a reputed Oracle partner offering multiple Oracle certification courses including an Oracle cloud training online corporate training course.
  • Key Features of the Institute – After finding course providers offering your chosen courses; it’s time for enterprises to look into the training features and practices of that institute. The course certification criterion is a key factor to consider.
  • Check Reviews Posted Online – A significant component in judging any online course provider is to go through reviews posted online. The tone and ratings of reviewers, especially of the existing students and faculty, can help to gain an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of a particular course.
  • Check Their Trainer Profiles – Corporate training programs are only successful when the trainers are technically skilled and have some practical industry experience. Most institutes provide online profiles for their instructors with all their credentials listed.
  • Course Material – Most institutes have their course curriculum available on their website. Corporations should carefully study the whole course material in order to gauge if the curriculum covers all the necessary requirements of their employees. A good course structure ensures that the corporate training will be able to boost enterprise productivity and savings.
  • Practical Training – Corporate training has to be geared towards practical implementation of the learning. Corporations should find out the practical implementation strategies that are part of the teaching methodology. Cloudshine Oracle cloud training courses have been utilized by 17 corporate clients because of their pragmatic, hands-on approach.
  • Duration – A major factor to keep in mind for corporate training is the number of time employees will be able to keep spare after work hours in order to complete their training. This is why corporations usually prefer course providers like Cloudshine which have a more flexible learning schedule to accommodate the work-life balance of learners.
  • Facilities – Facilities for online courses usually refer to the kind of study materials that are available, the kind of instructor communication that is provided and the assessments that learners can take to prepare for their certification. The better the learning facilities the more effective the corporate training will be.

These are some of the few factors that corporations should keep in mind when picking a course provider for the corporate training of their employees. A practical and effective corporate training scheme will ensure that the trained workforce of the enterprise will be able to complete all their Oracle cloud computing needs without having to contract third-party Oracle Cloud Consultants. But the Cloudshine Oracle cloud training course is not only beneficial for the enterprise, the certification earned by the employee also makes them eligible to work as full-fledged Oracle Cloud Consultants if they choose to do so.

From Cloudshine, we have trained more than 500 consultants through 45 batches in the last 3 years and provided corporate training for 50+ organizations. Our structured training, assessment, and practice support will help you or your company employees to become industry-ready within 60 hours of training.

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