Why Should You Learn Oracle Fusion Cloud Technical?

Oracle Fusion Cloud Technical provides a platform as a service (PAAS) solutions that enable the development and integration of communication between varied systems. It facilitates the exchange of information in real-time and fosters seamless processes.

Due to the growing popularity of these services, Oracle Fusion Cloud training is gradually becoming popular among IT professionals. It is not only adding efficiency to organisations but, also aiding the formulation of effective strategies for new-age enterprises. Oracle Fusion Cloud Technical will also train people to deliver reports using OTBI (Oracle Business Transactional Intelligence) as well as BI Publisher. Along with it, Oracle Fusion Applications training help to develop unmatched expertise.

Oracle Fusion Technical Training

The following two reporting techniques are included in the course to develop student expertise for varied real-time projects.

Fusion OTBI Reporting: It acts as an extension of Business Intelligence (BI) tools. With its user-friendly interface, it allows end-users to generate reports without a lot of training in this domain. The screens have drag and drop columns for predefined subject areas. Different modules for payments, orders etc. can be created from these areas. Oracle consistently upgrades the existing subject areas and introduces new columns as well as subject areas. Different types of formulas and calculations can be used in these columns to analyse data according to client requirements.

Fusion BI Reporting: A strong coding knowledge helps to utilise this tool efficiently. The BI publisher helps to develop complex reports based on simple, medium or complex queries. People with SQL knowledge can easily write these queries and generate reports in formats such as PDF, Excel, XML etc.

Integrations: Different types of integration techniques like REST, SOAP, FBDI, BI and OIC are also included in the curriculum. The trainer uses these methods to show how each technique helps to maintain, develop or integrate data between Oracle and non-Oracle systems. Depending on the client’s system architecture, an integration technique is chosen.

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) also helps to develop integrations. It is advantageous mostly on account of the predefined adapters that Oracle has prepared for major applications like SAP and SalesForce. During the course, Oracle Fusion Applications training is also provided along with an Oracle Fusion Instance access that helps students to learn Fusion ERP applications.

Data Migration

Varied methods are used to load or migrate data into fusion applications. FBDI or ADFDI are generally used for different types of projects. While ADFDI is suitable for processing approximately 5000 records, FBDI helps to migrate larger records. To migrate data, it must be uploaded on the Oracle Predefined spreadsheet and then validated on the application.

Fusion Technical Job Opportunities

Oracle Fusion is an industry-leading software, widely being used by corporates across the world. After your Fusion Technical training, there will be multiple opportunities for career growth. Due to the lack of trained professionals in this domain, the demand for qualified people continues to rise.

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