Oracle EBS To Fusion Cloud Migration? Best Practices For Consistent Reporting

Do you wish to experience a consistent reporting experience across the various departments of your workplace? Well then, it is high time that you migrate from Oracle EBS to Fusion migration. This will not only offer you enhanced reporting and data analytics facilities, but your business operations can also be carried out smoothly. So, here’s why you should opt for Oracle EBS to fusion migration:

Challenges in Oracle EBS:

Here are some of the bottlenecks that you may experience while using Oracle EBS:

Lack of integrated data: Oracle EBS cannot integrate data on its own. The stakeholders have to put in manual effort to integrate data from different sources. This might take hours and sometimes days. Manual data integration may also result in human error.

Outdated insights: In Oracle EBS, users will only have access to the database in read-only mode. The database only updates itself once a day. So, the decision-making capabilities of the EBS system seem to be old and outdated. This again serves as a challenge for businesses.

Reliance on IT: Because of the scarcity of reliable Oracle EBS reporting tools, companies have to rely on the services of IT teams for data analysis and extraction. Sometimes, the stakeholders may even have to wait for days before they get access to the desired data. This can reduce the business efficiency to a significant extent.

Static Reports: Oracle EBS does not come with real-time reporting capabilities. This leads to the generation of static reports, which may have outdated information. This makes it difficult for companies to explore their business data and look for performance metrics. The decision-making process also becomes really difficult.

How can Oracle Fusion Cloud mitigate these challenges?

Oracle Fusion Cloud offers a lot of advanced features, which makes it a preferred solution for users out there. Some of the major features include:

Scalability: Oracle Fusion Cloud applications come with enhanced scalability. Companies can easily scale their application features and computational power as required. Also, cloud applications do not require much upfront cost. As a result, companies are easily able to manage their hardware and software efficiently.

Security: One of the biggest benefits of Oracle Fusion implementation is its enhanced security. Cloud can offer better security than traditional data centres. It also comes with various enhanced security features like data authorisation, enhanced protection against internal threats, access control, etc. You can also share your business data within minutes in a highly secure manner.

Affordability: Unlike Oracle EBS, Oracle Fusion Cloud applications do not require businesses to buy and maintain hardware solutions. So, there are no upfront licensing fees involved. You can easily choose your software features and pay on a monthly basis. That way, you only pay for what you exactly need. This helps reduce unnecessary expenses. Your business operations are also taken care of smoothly.

Future-proofing: Oracle Fusion Cloud is designed in such a way that it auto-updates itself regularly. This paves the path for future innovation. Because of their future-proofing ability, Oracle Fusion Cloud applications can offer customers excellent security, optimum performance, and improved workflows. Oracle cloud solutions are also designed using innovative technologies like blockchain, IoT, and AI. This allows for better data management.

Migrating to Fusion Cloud from Oracle EBS:

So, if you are planning to migrate from Oracle EBS to Fusion Cloud, then it is high time that you get yourself trained on the various features and functionalities of Fusion Cloud. Only then will you be able to make the most out of the Oracle Cloud system? Now, you must be wondering how exactly you are going to acquire the necessary knowledge of Fusion Cloud. Well, Cloudshine is your solution. By connecting with the experts at Cloudshine, you will be able to make yourself well aware of the functionalities of the software solution. You can also opt for the Oracle order management certification. This will help you to unlock the potential of Fusion Cloud in your environment and carry out all your business operations smoothly.

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