Oracle Cloud Implementation Best Practices: Tips for A Successful Migration

Cloud computing had been a significant drive among businesses willing to benefit from automation. Operating through the cloud allows organizations to save on time and money. A lot many processes are automated, and several gaps are filled with ease. Oracle cloud training online can help companies to know about its benefits in depth. However, the shift to the clouds is not devoid of hurdles. Some of the most commonly encountered issues with cloud migration are discussed below.

The Challenges of Moving to The Cloud

The Lack of Customization –

Another major issue of cloud migration is the lack of customization. There are not many scopes of customizing cloud applications. So, for companies that require heavy customizations, migrating to clouds can be a tough call. Even if an organization manages to customize some features, there can be adaptability issues when shifting to a new cloud. In situations like this, companies are left to anticipate the total time needed to configure the applications again.

The Security Issues –

There are some security concerns that cloud computing poses. Cloud migration is susceptible to data loss or theft, especially if the files are corrupt or incomplete. The threat of hackers is also quite high. They typically send emails that spread malware and lead to data loss. Many organizations lack sufficient resources to deal effectively with cybersecurity issues. It requires dedicated team members to oversee the cybersecurity of an organization. Moreover, cloud migration facilitates loopholes such as lack of control in granting access to data which, again, paves the demand for skilled resources.

The Human Element –

One of the major challenges to the addition of technology is making people accept it. The employees can see the automation of several processes through the oracle cloud implementation as a threat to their job roles. Hence, they would resist cloud migration. This, in turn, may cause organizations to think twice before bringing such a change.

Overcoming Challenges for Better Business

True that there are various challenges that come with cloud migration. However, there are ways of combating the issues. Some of these are discussed in this section.

  • The problem of customization is somewhat fixable with the use of ERP applications. Companies can seek the assistance of Oracle cloud consultants and glean information on the availability of customization options.
  • The security issues can be mitigated by carefully assessing the organization’s current security status and planning out ways of sealing the open doors. If needed, companies may conduct oracle cloud training online and delegate members to oversee the security systems. There should also be strict security protocols and checkpoints to protect sensitive files.
  • The resistance of workers towards oracle cloud implementation can be dealt with by effective leadership. Ensure that the company leaders are clear with the need for the change. Then get the leaders to pass on the information further.

Thus, shifting to the clouds is definitely a path with a few obstacles. However, you can deal with them all through proper mitigation strategies. Oracle cloud consultantscan be a useful resource for coming up with such strategies.

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