Order to Cash Back to Back Buy Flow – Step 2: PO Generation


This Blog is the continuation of the Back to Back Buy Flow. (Step 1 Link – Sales Order Creation)


Progressing the Back to Back Buy flow order.



The order has gone to Awaiting Shipping and I can quickly view the fulfillment information.

[Click: Actions]

%  The Status of the lines will depend on the progress of the orchestration.  You may receive Scheduled status prior to Awaiting Shipping.



[Click: Switch to Fulfillment View]



Order line status is also updated as the order processes. 

[Click: Fulfillment Lines Tab]



I have complete visibility on every item ordered.

[Click: Supply Details Tab]



I can see that this item will be fulfilled from our Chicago Warehouse. 

[Scroll: Down to Attributes]



And there is a Supply Order associated that is in a Status, Awaiting Supply.  The Supply Order in this case is a purchase from our contracted supplier.

[Click: Supply Order Number]



The Supply Order to buy the product has been generated and pegged to the Sales Order and is Awaiting Receipt.   At ever stage of the fulfillment, I have complete visibility, including the associated execution documents.

[Click: Supply Lines Sub Line]

%  The Line Details tab exposed maybe different.  If Buy tab is not in focus, Click: Buy.

%  The Status of the Supply will depend on processing time.  If this is ‘In Purchasing’ the PO has not yet been generated.



The purchase order was generated automatically, based on our sourcing rules. 

I can confirm the second item supply source in the same way.

[Click: Done]

%  Take note of the Purchase Order number.  You may want to use this when receiving the PO.



[Click: Second Line]



[Scroll Down to Attributes]



The Supply Order associated with this item is also Awaiting Supply.  The Supply Order in this case is a purchase from our contracted supplier.

[Click: Supply Order Number]



The dynamic item number confirms that this item is a configured product, with customer selected options.

[Click: Sub Line]



The Purchase Order has been sent and the item is Awaiting Receipt from the Supplier.

[Click: Orchestration Plan]

%  Take note of the Purchase Order number.  You may want to use this when receiving the PO.



The orchestration plan provides visual progress of the tasks related to the order.  We have complete control over the fulfillment and at a glance I can understand the stage of fulfillment.  A Reservation has automatically be placed on the expected receipt from the supplier.

[Click: Done]



The order is Awaiting Shipping.  I have full visibility of the fulfillment, just as I have for the Supply Order.

[Scroll: Right]



[Click: Orchestration Process Number]

%  This is an optional step.  Included to emphasize the end to end visibility in the end to end process.



Just as the Supply Order orchestration provides me detailed visibility of the task, the Order Orchestration provides visualizations of the tasks and progress for the order.  The Supply Request was sent to the Supplier and the order is Awaiting Shipping.

[Click: Done]

%  If showing configured product, you may want to assume the role of the Buyer demonstrate that the configuration is passed to the purchase order and with component level pricing. Or go directly to the role of the Warehouse to receive the items on the Purchase Order.


The purchase is sent electronically to the supplier for fulfillment.  Changing roles to the Buyer, I can review the detailed configuration that came from the Sales Order.

[Sign Out or Open a different Browser session to take the role of the Buyer to view the Purchase Order for the configured product.]


In Next Blog the remaining process execution of the Order to Cash Back to Back Buy flow will be continued.




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