Order to Cash Back to Back Buy Flow – Step 1: Order Creation

End to end Order to Cash is a critical process to stay competitive.We need a modern, highly automated and integrated process with efficient fulfillment and revenue recognition.

In today’s customer centric market, the flexibility to respond to demand is critical.  We need a system that automates fulfillment regardless of the supply source with visibility throughout the fulfillment cycle.  Seamless processing and tracking is important to ensure accurate customer shipments.

This Blog will provide the demonstration by capturing a customer order, Scheduling the Order, and Initiation of Purchase Order.

As an order entry specialist, rapid order entry and automated fulfillment allow me to better service my customers.

I’m Gwen, an order entry specialist. Rapid order entry, search and order status visibility  is essential for effective interaction and to retain our customers.

With Order Management Cloud, I can access all of my information quickly from my tablet or computer. The springboard icons make it easy for me to access information and transactions that I routinely perform.

[Click: Order Management]

The Order Management Overview page embedded analytics dashboard which helps direct me to any critical actions I may need to take. Creating Orders is one click away.

[Click: Create Order]

Creating an order for Computer Service and Rentals.

[Enter Customer Name: Com]

Type ahead search, allows me to easily find and select the customer.

[Select Customer: Computer Service and Rentals]

Once selected, all other Order Header fields are dynamically populated; allowing me to quickly confirm the Customer Contact and Address and begin entering the desired products.

[Click: Select Item]

If I know the product number, I can simply enter it.
[Select Item: CM6755020 or CM6755021]

[Click: Enter]

♦ Configured and standard items have been defined for back to back buy processing.  For configured product, you will be prompted to select the desired options.  The configuration will carry forward to the purchase order.

Adding items to the order is fast and provides immediate visibility of availability and pricing. We have an active agreement with a local supplier for fulfillment for cases, as this is a cost effective way to broaden our product offerings.  Our business process is to bring the cases in house before shipping it to the customer.

[Update Quantity if desired.]

[Click: Add]

To communicate expected delivery date to the supplier, I update Shipping information.

[Click: Truck Icon]

Changing the requested date can be done easily using the calendar.

[Click: Calendar icon]

With a click, I can move the requested date to the next day.  This should allow time for our supplier to get the item to us where we can repackage and send to the customer.

[Click: Tomorrow’s Date]

[Click: OK]

When I capture and order, I don’t need to specify the source for fulfillment.  The system uses Sourcing Rules and real-time Global Oder Promising to determine the best source of supply based on our rules.

[Click: Estimate Order Availability]

Available status is On Time!  The customer also requires another of our products.

[Click: Shopping Basket Icon]

I can search or enter the next item.

[Enter Item: AT1501010]

[Click: Enter]

%  Configured and standard items have been defined for back to back buy processing.  For configured product, you will be prompted to select the desired options.  The configuration will carry forward to the purchase order.

[Click: Enter]

This product has options that the customer can choose.

[Click: Configure and Add]

Customer pricing is driven by selected options.  I can see that with a 12 Port selection, the customer price will be reduced by $600.00.

[Click: Ethernet Option of choice]

%  Depending on your selection the other options may be dynamically included or excluded.  This could vary the actual results of the following screen shots.

The constraint based configurations engine dynamically updates related options when I choose the first option.

[Click: Uplink Module of choice]

%  The yellow triangle icon indicates automatic exclusion.  The blue star icon indicates automatic selection.

%  Choosing an option that has an up charge will allow you to show component level pricing on the pegged purchase order.

This customer wants the enhanced Uplink, adding $400.00 to the base price.   Option selections can reduce or add to the base price.

[Click: Housing Color of choice]

With all options selected, I am ready to add the item to the order.

[Click: Finish]

%  Optionally, you can review the configuration, using Finish and Review.  And add the item to order from that page.

That completes the customer requests and I can send this order for fulfillment.

[Click: Submit]

[Click: Yes]

As the Sales Specialist,  I have continuous updates to the Status of the order as it progresses.

[Click: Refresh]

%  Each of the items in the script have Blanket Purpose Orders and Sourcing Rules to automate the Supply Order.

%  Release Planning Recommendations must complete before going to the next steps.  The Supply Order generated (Purchase Requisition and Purchase Order) can take a few moments to update on the Sales Order.  Watch for the Status to update to Awaiting Shipping.

In Next Blog the remaining process execution of the Order to Cash Back to Back Buy flow will be continued. – SO Processing and PO Generation

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